Wild Harvest Beniano Tin. Dark chocolate 74%. Nut-Free. Soy-Free. Gluten-Free. Brand: Tranquilidad, Bolivia.

Wild Harvest Beniano Tin 74%


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Thin, triangular discs of chocolate in a round tin.

Tranquilidad Vintage Dark Chocolates are produced in limited editions. Once they're gone, that's it until next year's harvest. Only ripe wild cacao fruits selected during peak season to create this deluxe, delicious dark chocolate. Product of Bolivia.

Tasting Notes: Almond Nougat, Maple Syrup, Cream

3.5 oz

Nut Free

Soy Free

Gluten Free

Ingredients: cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter

*See product packaging label for additional information on nutrition, ingredients, and allergens

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